WaiterOk is an innovative system of communication between the visitor and waiter. The client is able to carry out an order by using an application installed on his smartphone or tablet. The system will optimize the ordering process that will greatly enhance the level of service and will help to increase sales.

First of all, the software solution will help to solve the problem of noisy places (pubs, karaoke bars, etc.), as well as large places with several halls. Often the waiter cannot take an order from a large number of visitors without making mistakes, and this causes a wave of indignation. Our development will minimize the inconvenience that arises in the course of ordering and will help to cater better and faster. Visitors will get a vivid interactive menu of any partner to their devices with the most convenient language.

WaiterOk is an automated integrated solution with three modules

  • Administrator
    Filling / editing menu and special offers.
  • Waiter
    Structured list of tables. Receiving orders /requests in the selected language.
  • User
    Structured searchable menu in the selected language. Ordering, comment to the order. Calling waiter. Asking for a bill.